Conventional modern medical approaches prescribe treatments based on the study of groups, aggregates and averages. At The Linné Institute of Medicine, all treatments offered are customized to you in particular, NOT just to humans with your type of symptoms in general. Our prescriptions and are based on an in-depth understanding of your physiology informed by mathematical modeling performed on the results of your blood tests.

  1. Plant-based therapies: Custom-made, in-house blends of various medicinal plants and fungi to best match you and your physiology in particular, NOT just some generic blend to address someone with your symptoms in general. These treatments address most of the fundamental imbalances at the physical, mental and emotional levels.
  1. Pharmaceuticals: When necessary, pharmaceuticals are used, but at the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration possible in order to quickly stabilize with minimal side effects. This gives time for more natural therapies to take effect and start working. 
  1. Nutritional guidance:  Diet isn’t just about what and how much we consume. It is also about how you consume, when you consume and why you consume certain foods. At The Linné Institute of Medicine, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-most” approach to anything—even diet. We believe all diets have merit and value but only when applied to the right physiology, be it vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, keto, Mediterranean, or some other diet. In addition, abstinence from food through time restricted eating and/or periodic fasting can have profound value for your health. Based on the mathematical modeling of your blood work, we can make dietary recommendations based NOT on popular culture, but based on your physiology. We may even recommend detox “cleanses” as part of your therapy to re-adapt your metabolism and freshen your body and mind. Ultimately, we believe your dietary choices should be easily sustainable over a long period of time. Dietary guidance is based on physiologic principles. Outside of occasional cleanses, there are no strict meal plans, no calorie counting, no special bars, and no stimulants. When you implement the diet that is right for you, it will become natural, not forced. 
  1. Lifestyle recommendations: Most patients will benefit from lifestyle recommendations specific to them. These recommendations will be tailored to your particular needs based on the mathematical modeling data performed on your blood work. For example, some may need guidance in sleep hygiene and rhythmic living. Others may be particularly sensitive to manmade EMF and may benefit from strategies to mitigate the downsides of living in our high-tech world. Some may need guidance on ways to “lean into” increasing levels of discomfort and what that means for their physiologic remodeling. For some we may emphasize yoga, meditation, breath work, or sauna. For other patients we may emphasize the need for improved cardiovascular or weight training.

A health-conscience person could potentially spend all day, every day trying to implement every good health practice in their lives. There is no shortage of advice available in this area. But such an approach to life is simply not practical and potentially harmful in that it can be isolating and can leave a person feeling “burned-out” physically, mentally, and emotionally. At The Linné Institute of Medicine you will be guided toward a flourishing state of balance in body, mind and spirit by finding the treatment plan best suited for you.