“As a healthcare worker in a pandemic, I was noticing increasing changes in my physical, mental and emotional health. This acute stress, coupled with over a decade of high-acuity shift work and previous personal trauma, left me in an uncomfortable state of dis-ease. I became increasingly unfamiliar to myself, with mounting anxiety, irritability, brain fog, and growing isolation. Dr. Johnson offered an entirely new approach to addressing my health and wellbeing. While many of his botanical interventions were new to my traditional medicine background, his explanation of the action and intention of each suggestion was clear, extensively researched, and focused on the nuances of my system as a whole. I have never felt so cared for, or such compassion, from a doctor in my life. Dr. Johnson’s deliberateness and investment in my overall health has been profound. I believe this is one of the most important pivots towards genuine health and wellbeing that I have ever experienced. I feel immense gratitude for the physical and mental changes that are manifesting daily. I am more grounded, more connected, with greater mental clarity and energy. I am experiencing an increased capacity in all of my outdoor activities. I feel an increased capacity for joy, resilience and empathy, with far more room for creative thinking and engagement. I believe Dr. Johnson’s strategy is allowing me to truly move into optimal health! This has been a phenomenal gift in my life.”

“Having a suicidal child is something I never thought I’d experience.  It caused me to run from doctor to doctor, read everything I could get my hands on, and pray like I never have before.  After a year of trying everything conceivable (none of which made any visible difference), we were introduced to Dr. Johnson. I have never felt more seen and understood by a doctor before.  Dr. Johnson is empathic, extremely knowledgeable, and he clearly cares deeply about what he does.  Through the treatment/tinctures my son has received under his care, we are finally seeing notable differences in his behavior, attitude, and overall happiness.  My son isn’t fighting me at every turn.  He isn’t constantly negative like before.  He even notes the difference himself.  It has been a huge blessing not only for our son, but our whole family.”

“I used to get frequent sinus infections and colds that would go to my lungs for weeks. This was super annoying and stressful because it would often happen when I had a big competition coming up, such as national championships or competitions to qualify for nationals. Since Dr. Johnson started treating me, I haven’t gotten a sinus infection and haven’t really gotten sick for about 2 years. I used to need an albuterol inhaler before high intensity intervals and before races, but now I don’t. My seasonal allergies (which used to be so bad that I needed allergy shots) are now so minimal that I don’t take any allergy medications at all. The tinctures don’t taste very good, but it isn’t a big deal. I take them because I know they help.”

“In 2019, I knew it was time for a drastic change in the approach to my health. I had been on prescription antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications for 20 years. It had served its place in managing my anxiety disorder and depression early on during treatment, but it was no longer working and I was getting worse. I was desperate for relief. While searching for other approaches, I learned about Endobiogeny. Endobiogeny has been able to tailor treatment to my unique biology. Dr. Johnson has been able to fine tune my treatment by understanding me on a level that accounts for me as a whole. This is fascinating and incredibly helpful in uncovering my underlying health issues and treating the source of the problem.

Dr. Johnson’s expertise in understanding the human body and all its functions, has been a God send in my life! I highly recommend the endobiogenic approach. It has helped me understand & connect with myself on a deeper level, and it has answered many questions that the conventional (and unconventional) medical practices could not answer. Dr. Johnson is brilliant, open-minded, attentive, tenacious, authentic, and deeply cares about giving his patients the best care possible. It has now been 14 months since I began endobiogenic treatment with Dr. Johnson. I have been completely off of prescription antidepressants for over 8 months now. While I’m not totally healed, I’m doing better than I have been in years. I can firmly attest that my being feels more whole overall. Every day I experience a better quality of life, more peace of mind, and an overall better mental and physical well being than I have had in the past twenty years.”