The “Premium Membership Plan” is the highest tier plan membership plan. This plan is appropriate for those who have multiple complex health concerns that they want to address. It is also designed for those who desire longer, more frequent, and more in-depth conversations with the physician. This plan is particularly well suited for those who have long-standing mental/emotional health concerns. This plan is superior to the “Advanced Membership Plan” because there are more blood tests (and therefore more mathematical modeling indexes) evaluated and included in the plan, and there are more visits with Dr. Johnson. As with the other membership plans, the cost of lab testing and follow up consultations is built into the price, and the price of your care is simply spread out over the course of a year as a monthly payment (interest free). This makes the cost of your care more predictable, while also assuring appropriate follow up and repeat testing to guide the treatment.

Premium Plan Details:
  • $450/month, annual commitment

  • Initial 2 hour consultation + 5 additional 1 hour followup visits per year

  • Includes five advanced endobiogenic lab panels with mathematical modeling per year

  • Highest priority scheduling
  • Highest priority response time from physician for emails and messaging